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          產品編號: 318628
          電話咨詢: 18927222623
          產品詳情 Description



          Food industry, mining equipment, sewage treatment, battery materials, energy and environmental protection, non-metallic mines, garbage sorting, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

              特點Technical Feature:


              1. Easy to clean and install.
              2. The maximum magnetic field can reach 12000GS, the working temperature of ordinary products is ≤80℃, and the maximum working temperature can reach 350℃ under special requirements.
              3. The number of magnetic bars can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the material.
              4. The inlet and outlet can be designed as flange or square interface, which can be easily installed on various pipelines.
              5. The rotating magnetic rod can prevent the material from agglomerating and clogging.

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