Brownes Sports Wrappers

In 1920, ten year old R. Bentley Browne loved playing classic schoolyard sports like baseball and basketball. Born a true perfectionist, Browne soon became frustrated by the limitations of his lack of natural athletic ability. Against the wishes of his family and friends, he decided that if he couldn’t be the best, there was simply no point in playing these games at all. It was at this time that he discovered less popular schoolyard sports like capture the flag, handball and tetherball which he excelled at. Even obscure games like rock, paper, scissors and thumb wrestling made him strive for championship status.

After making his fortune in paper products, eccentric millionaire Browne became obsessed with the idea of paying homage to the heroes of his youth who dominated the sports he excelled at.  Thus began BROWNES TRADING CARD COMPANY.

Brownes Trading Cards became iconic in the 50’s and 60’s, each pack sold with its trademarked “B” shaped piece of bubble gum. The company sold hundreds of millions of wax packs before shutting its doors in the 70’s. Browne’s trading cards remain coveted today by collectors all over the world. A mint condition Browne’s Log Rolling action card recently sold at auction at Christies for just above $28,000. The 10 Again Company is honored to have been granted the exclusive license to wrappers which are being sold in limited quantities. We hope you enjoy this very special piece of sports history.

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